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A site for all things ratty. Bikes, trikes, rat rods, rat scooters, its all here.

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"Tramp Pot"
Tramp Pot started has a brand new Shinny White/Blue Suzuki GSX600F back to 1988 when was bought in England, reached Northern Ireland a

rat bike, ratbikes,mad max"Deathwish"
In 2008, I was on my second MBR/streetfighter/survival bike build, a 1984 Suzuki GS 1150. It was fun and all, fast enough
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rat bikes, ratbikes,survival bikes

ratbikes, rat bikes
ratbikes, rat bike
rat bike, ratbikes,mad max
ratbikes,rat bikes,survival bike
ratbikes,rat bikes,survival bike
ratbikes,rat bikes,survival bikes

rat bikes,rat bikes

A few of us recently had the opportunity to do something really unique. Unfortunately we can't say much at the moment but  all will be revealed shortly so please check back often.

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A new design in now available in both the clothing and sticker sections of the shop.

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The first pics from this years End of Season are now up and can be found here

Be sure to have a look at the forum. There's a lot more interesting stuff on there including the members bikes and project builds and it's free to join.
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If you would like to see your bike/trike/etc on the site, or have a rally review or anything else that you would like to submit, please send your photos etc to


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