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ratbike,ratfighter, rat bike

A site for all things ratty. Bikes, trikes, rat rods, rat scooters its all here.

We have been asked by the organiser of "The End Is Near", a 2 day post apoc themed music bash held in Trowbridge, Witshire, if we would like to show our bikes etc at the event. Date is 6 June and more details will be on the events page ASAP.

Ref the Spring Meet, applications for stall holders is now closed.

"Destruction til Death" CBR1000
Gareth is the owner and builder of this very impressive ratfighter, but it was his wife, Jo, who originally sent in the pic to the left (unknown to Gareth at the time). We were that impressed with this beast of a bike that we contacted Jo to get some more details and pics.

ratbikes, rat bikes
ratbikes, rat bike
ratbikes, rat bike, rat fighter,rat rod, banja.

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