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Back in early 2010 after a few beers, a mooch thro ebay seemed like a good idea and a 1989 Genesis 1000 was up for grabs with a bid of 290 quid on it.  For some unknown reason I put in a bid of 295 and forgot about it thinking "Yea, like it will go for that much". End of the week came and a email to say congratulations you have won this item, "Oh fook I forgot about that".  After picking it up, I was the proud owner of a very ugly bike and a big box of bits of plastic :) But hey, it ran , had tax n test and it was all mine :)

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ratfighter, ratbikes
ratfighter, ratbikes

After a blast up the road the problems were evident in the way it ran and its seriously scary handling, first job = paint it matt black :)  Next a bit of wire-trickery sorted the running for now ( the wiring was the worst I’ve ever come across and some bright twat had changed most of the wires to brown ones and then plugged them into the wrong places). The bad handling = mmmm the front end seems to be off at least 2 completely different bikes so a bit of grinding makin’ spacers and general fettelin it handled ok (not great but ok) ,as long as i can ride it :)

Next found the headlight was about as good as a candle after a rummage about found some projectors, these were originally inside the headlight units of a crashed Fiat Punto from work. Inner tubes were heated and stretched over the back of them to seal them from weather , a bit of bracket making and taking the refractor out of one of them to make a high beam I’ve got super bright lights that look cool too :) Now the fun began :) Holy shit its fast :D Over the next year I rode it everyware including an everyday 80 mile round trip to work but the winter salt took its toll on the wiring and by January electrical breakdowns were a daily occurrence :( I spent the next week outside in the snow rain and dark ripping out wires and relays and getting rid of every bit of electrics that were not essential to make it run. This is where the name Genecide came from = on a cold winter blizzard swept evening so cold the soldering iron wouldn’t heat properly swearing at wiring I wanted to kill every little Japanese man, woman or child that had anything to do with Yamaha wiring :( The electrical system now is ultra simple and ultra reliable :)

Next on the list to do was the back end.  It had been cut off before the end of the seat for an ugly R1 race back end to be fitted and the subframe was bent. With grinder and welder in hand, the  bent bits were cut out and longer bits welded in to raise rear of seat by 5" and a bit of an old wheelchair was cut up to make the grabrail n back end (no I don’t know why I had a bit of wheelchair either). With the back end raised the bars were sooo uncomfortable so a set of 14" t bars were cut down to 1" rise and the cut out bits were welded on the ends to make the bars wider to suit my lanky arms :) The tank was next to be sorted as the old chequer paint job kept showing thro, so paint stripper was spread on it. As the stripper took effect and the paint started to bubble and peel I thought “Wow that looks ace” so poured water and vinegar onto it to stop it reacting anymore and sprayed several coats of matt black on top. A bit of a play with my airbrush to put on a faded skull and some ghost flames and sealed it with matt lacquer and my tank looks like it has a scabby disease :P

Rally season is here and after its first rally, I decide its missing a few essentials to make it the perfect rally bike. First is a drinks holder out of a London taxi fastened to the side for holding beer then to open said beer a bottle opener was fastened near the front and incase I can’t be arsed to stretch that far another one on the back :) Next I was given a coffin shaped lighter so that was glued on to :) now to sort the carrying of beer problem a rack is needed but as I don’t do normal very well, pushbike chains were welded together to make a rack that spells the word rat and it was fastened to the handlebars and headlight bracket :) Then after a chain and sprocket change, the old chain was welded up and made into a chainguard to replace the broken plastic one.

Rally season 2012 took me and my riding mate,  Divster on a very wet ride down to Warminster for the mattblackrat spring meet where it won its first trophies taking home = Distance , Best Rat Fighter and Best In Show :D One very happy ratbiker :D

End of 2012 saw some small electrical problems to sort with water getting in to the headlights so whilst at Radmans rat shed, I spotted the hand crafted alloy bikini fairing he had made for his very very shiny streetfighter that he had unfortunately chucked down the road :( much bending cutting  n shortening n drilling later it was made to fit over my head lights and a grill was made from brakepipe to finish it off at the front. Chuck some matt black at it to hide the shinyness and I have one mean n evil lookin’ bike :)

While sitting with a few beers in my shed just looking at it (you all do it), the Dremel found its way into my hand and I managed to change the word Yamaha on the engine casing into Yamarat by carving out the alloy. Next job, the seat cover is made from gaffa tape and as you may know this isn’t always a good thing on hot days as the glue can melt. So my solution was to use the leg of my old waterproof trousers to cover the seat and this also leaves the leg pocket under the seat for storing cable ties and insulation tape. The bottom of the other leg has been used to make a sidepanel over the electrics with the leg zip used to gain access. 2013 has been a great year for Genecide firstly winning best rat at Beermonsters then landladies’ choice at the Rat and Survival, best rat at Leeds Custom and Classic, best engineering at PBB,  best rat at Streetfighter Riff Raff and then best rat at Full Throttle Bike Show :) ,,,,,,,, Out of all the bikes I’ve owned and ridden, this one makes me grin more than any other.  It gets used everyday in all weathers and have been clocking 20,000 miles a year on it n now the electrics are sorted, ultra reliable :) Overall I think it’s done over 120k all in tho its hard to tell as it don’t have any clocks, just a pushbike speedo :P What else can I say about my old rat ?? nowt really except fuck I love my bike :D

Massive thanks to Divster and Radman fer their support when I’ve been tearing me hair out with it, donating parts, beers and help to make a bike that makes me grin like a loon.

Main pic by Noz at bang-to-rights.co.uk

ratfighter, ratbikes
ratfighter, ratbikes
ratfighter, ratbikes