ratfighter, ratbikes"Well what can I say, yer you'll have to bear with me, it’s gone a bit hazy. It’s the second year I’ve done this rally , it’s one of those, "always wanted to do" and I’m really glad I’ve been now for 2 years running 

Now for those who haven’t  done the rat and survival, it’s got to be the most chilled out piss-up ya can get. The pub is set in a nice area with a pretty big field for the camping . A nice selection of tipples ... ya dirty sods I said tipples not nipples, great bunch of nutters and as a bonus this year there was a bonfire ... well it started of as half an oil drum type BBQ thing , but didn't last long and promptly collapsed so ended up as a nice roaring fire.

ratfighter, ratbikes
ratfighter, ratbikes
ratfighter, ratbikes
ratfighter, ratbikes

This year I wasn't going to attend, mainly because my bike wasn't on the road, but much arm twisting and threats of getting kidnapped by Mooster Plunkett, Noz and Pukey, I packed my diddy tent and grabbed my beer supplies. 

Transport was kindly supplied by Noz who was going in her BMdoublemoo ( a car that is legendary in itself - a cow print BMW ) and on route we were swinging by Nottingham to pick up Lurch.  Pukey and Mooster P were heading down early in the day so had strict orders to grab the tent places. 

Now we didn't leave my house till near 7pm so it was gonna be an epic journey. We weren’t actually going to get to the rally site until about midnight but as I couldn't wait to get to the site to grab a beer, promptly started drinking. Figured I might as well, I wasn't driving ...... got to the site .......  more beer whilst hastily getting the tents up under torch light …...as ya do. 
Now for those who have the (mis)fortune to know the Northern Moo Crew will know, we like to sup lots of beer and moo a lot ... and this year we didn't disapoint.

Whilst everyone had crawled off to their pits in a drunken stupor, we took residence round the fire and carried on supping away and keeping the fire stoked and before we knew it, 5am had rolled its weary way in and I plodded round the rally site taking some pics, giggling at Hagar looking like a goblin slumped in his chair fast asleep and attempting to fart through Pukey's air vents on his tent. We were still going at 7am with a beer brekkie I think by 10am I thought about getting some sleep. Lurch wanted a coffee and I thought that was a good idea ….. seemed beer tastes better than coffee any-way, sod it ,still never got any sleep (well I don’t think I did).

Now the rest of the day was bimbling about looking at the awesome array of ratters and some very strange / cool stuff. Last year’s rally was a scorcher and it seemed the shiny bikes outnumbered the rats, but this year it was rats with revenge.
There was some burnouts ... burning of pants, more beer, some pub grub .... which was frikkin beautiful reasonably priced , beer and watched the awards being handed out which were pants ….. literally, they were pants. LOL just a brilliant idea 

The evenings band that were Roughneck Riot and I’d not heard of them before and they were awesome ,did a bit in the mosh pit with Mooster P (the bony git) and Noz (and into the table..and floor) meanwhile back at the tents Pukey decided to cut the tops off glowsticks and I ended up with a glowing beard and eyebrows ... (found out in the morning that you end up with yellow stained brows)  :/ got my own back someone handed me a fire extinguisher so it promptly got emptied over Pukey’s tent ….. looked like an explosion in a drugs factory :) what was left went down someone’s exhaust and shot back out 

Things did really become hazy and wibbly after that and I think I finally took off to my pit.

If ya sitting thinking I’ll do the R'n'S someday, what the chuff are yer waiting for.
Just to put into a word ..... Brilliant 

Divster. (Words and pics)

For more pics, please click HERE

ratfighter, ratbikes
ratfighter, ratbikes