ratfighter, ratbike, rat bikeCBR900RRS Fireblade 1995.
It's taken me around 18 months to build this bike while using it most days to get to work, it has kind of 'evolved' into what it is now. originally bought as £500 hack with the idea of being 'winterproof'. first thing to go was anything shiny as I can't be bothered to clean my bike,spray paint covers dirt and gives a great effect I'd much rather ride it!

Back end was chopped pretty early on as the missus is wheelchair bound and can't ride pillion anymore so angle grinder out exhaust chopped and headlights (which were held on with cable ties) swapped for something a bit better.

ratfighter, ratbikes

Most of the bodywork was made of plant pots including the rear wheel blank.

Over time the chopped seat bugged me, never looked finished so I bought a welder and watched youtube videos til my eyes bled. . .then got started in earnest.

Spec :

Front : german headlight (ebay bargain) Flat bars, Vapor clocks, forks stripped, rebuilt, fork gaiters, Mudguard chopped about, wavey discs, uprated pads, aftermarket levers and underslung mirrors, modified top yolk and billet risers. steering damper with homemade bracket made out of chopped up bottom yoke.

Frame : custom subframe with R6 pillion seat heavily chopped and fibreglassed, one off seat base padding and upholstery.

Rear : standard swingarm extended by 8", extended brake line, 150 link drag race chain, customised hugger (painted carbon) with steel spikes, wavey disc and uprated pads, brake reservoir tube thing, one off chain guard.

Engine : stock with K+N filter, 4 into 2 pipes with Harley davidson V-rod cans underslung, temp switch bypassed, new flick switch added, uprated clutch plated and heavy duty clutch springs. front sprocket 1 tooth down, rear 2 teeth up

Elecrtics: all relocated under tank on custom battery tray /box, LED indicators, brake lights.

Other: moto -x pegs, plant pot extension to hugger, rear wheel blank (plant pot), pond pipe 'accessories' on cables and coolant pipes. 'Hello Kitty' tax disc holder.

Bound to be other stuff but you loose track hahaha, All work by owner except jobs (1) upholstery, i did try but it was awful (2) welding on exhaust, I could have but if I 'blew' or 'holed' it, it would have cost more in the long run.

Been Featured in Streetfighters mag, been photo'd for 100% biker for a feature soon and won best Streetfighter at Nabbed 2013, used everyday, rarely washed (quick spray of good old satin covers most things) and it's value to me is much more than money, BTW it will never be finished Lol.


ratfighter, ratbikes
ratfighter, ratbikes