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I brought the wreck of an XJ750, when on a Rural Youth Club outing into Northern New South Wales, Glen Innes to be precise. I had no idea what I was going to do with it at the time, it just beckoned me to take it home, so I did. I was riding an 883 Sportster at the time, and it was a freak bike, being very fast, but utterly unable to cope with the back roads I tend to frequent, and requiring constant attention for broken alloy bits. But to be fair, I thrashed the arse off it. The final straw came when the Harley carb, literally broke in half, leaving me stranded.,

So the pile of shit in the corner of the shed started to show some promise. I decided to make a burnout machine and take it to the Bombala bike show in '92, unregistered and trailered, for a bit of fun. When the tyre blew, we left it sitting there and went into the pub to ..... well ........ drink piss. About 2 in the morning we decided to go back to Kinga's  (the beer monster) place, and take the bike with us ....... but ........ the tyre had glued itself to the concrete slab, and we had to use a shovel to dislodge it. Next day after we fitted another tyre, we thrashed it up and down this back street with a couple corners, and I realised I might be onto a winna!

So I did some research, measured a lot of stuff, boughtome parts from the wrecker, scrounged my shed for the rest, and built it. The first version went on the road in March 1993, and was fairly crude, but very effective, burning up those dirt road miles with ease, and anything that broke was promptly rebuilt or replaced and modded for strength, this being the primary concern.

The engine is a hybrid of Yamaha parts, the original 750 crankcase has been fitted with '87 model 900 barrels, pistons, head and cams, (since overbored half a mil) current capacity is 835cc. This engine just bolts together with no machine work, being effectively, a factory big-bore kit for the 750. The short stroke engine Yamaha never made. I fitted it with XS1100 carbs, and spent an afternoon jetting it correctly. In subsequent years it was trial fitted with FJ1100 carbs, but these proved to be too high flowing for normal road use, resulting in excessive cruising speed, so I went back to the old XS jobbies.
It has parts from 7 different types of Yamaha on it, XS1100, XV750, FZR250, XJ650, XJ750, XJ900 and XJR1200, and lots of other stuff besides

The way it looks is a result of my fantasies combining with the available parts, and a lot of what some people call "ART". I never regarded it as such, because everything on the bike means something to me, for instance, the coins on the fuel cap, are my radar detector.............. six cents

The CHILD has evolved into the thing you see today, as a result of ...... needs must. I must keep it on the road, simple as that, it is my sanity and my madness, all rolled into one machine. The only thing I can tell you, after riding it, is that I have to stop myself from grinning, because it starts to hurt my face.
Alf Ryall

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